Top 10 NFT Artists in the World

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You might have heard about NFTs and NFT artists, but what are they really? Well, NFT stands for non-fungible token and is essentially a digital asset stored on a blockchain. But why is there so much hype around it? Firstly, it provides a way to authenticate and prove ownership of digital art, music, and other creative content. And secondly, the exclusivity and scarcity of NFTs make them valuable in the eyes of collectors.

But what makes an NFT valuable? It’s all about the demand for that particular piece of content. If there’s hype around a certain artist or artwork, chances are the NFTs associated with them will go for a high price. And in the world of NFT art, these pieces can fetch millions of dollars.

Now that we have a basic understanding of NFTs, let’s take a look at the top 10 NFT artists currently dominating the market.

Top 10 NFT Artists

The NFT art industry is booming and continues to attract more artists to showcase their work in the digital world. As the market grows, it becomes increasingly challenging to discover and distinguish the top NFT artists. However, art enthusiasts can always rely on the ‘Top 10 NFT Artists’ list,

Now that we have a basic understanding of what NFTs are and why they are so popular, let’s dive into the top 10 NFT artists of the world. These artists have been making waves in the NFT art scene, and their creations have been selling for millions of dollars.

1. Beeple

nft artist
Real NameMike Winkelmann
NFT Artwork Sold“Everydays: The First 5000 Days”
Total Revenue$69.3 million (as of September 2021)
Earlier ProfessionGraphic Designer
BirthDecember 7, 1981
CountryCharleston, South Carolina

Beeple, also known as Mike Winkelmann, has been at the forefront of the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) world as NFT artist , leaving an indelible mark on the digital art landscape. His journey as NFT artist began with his ambitious project of creating and sharing a new digital artwork every day for over a decade.

This relentless dedication and innovation caught the attention of art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide, earning him a massive following. However, it was his groundbreaking NFT artwork titled “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” that catapulted him into stardom.

Sold at a historic Christie’s auction in March 2021, the artwork fetched an astounding $69.3 million, establishing Beeple as a trailblazer in the NFT art realm. His success has paved the way for other artists to explore the potential of blockchain and NFTs in reshaping the art industry.

Beeple’s journey as NFT artist is a testament to the power of technology and creativity, pushing the boundaries of digital art and redefining its value in the modern age.

2. Mad dog Jones

NFT Artist
Real NameMichah Dowbak (known as Mad Dog Jones)
Famous NFT Artwork Sold“Replicator”
Total Revenue4,144,000 USD
Earlier ProfessionGraphic Designer and Visual Artist
Birth Date1985

Mad Dog Jones, whose real name is Michah Dowbak, has emerged as a prominent figure in the NFT artist community, captivating audiences with his unique digital art creations. As a talented graphic designer and visual artist, Mad Dog Jones first gained recognition for his exceptional skills in traditional art and design.

However, it was his foray into the NFT realm that truly propelled him into the spotlight. His NFT artworks, characterized by their surreal and futuristic aesthetics, have garnered widespread attention and admiration. Among his most famous NFT pieces is “Replicator,” which showcases his mastery of blending vibrant colors and captivating imagery.

Although specific total revenue figures are not readily available, it is evident that Mad Dog Jones’ success in the NFT world has been significant. His innovative approach to digital art and the seamless integration of technology into his creations have resonated with collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Born in Canada, Mad Dog Jones continues to push the boundaries of digital art, using blockchain technology to redefine the value and ownership of art in the modern era. His journey in the NFT world stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of art and technology, inspiring both established and emerging artists to explore the untapped potential of the digital landscape.

3.Krista Kim

NFT Artist
Real NameKrista Kim
Famous NFT Artwork Sold“Mars is Ours”
Total Revenue$ 500k
Earlier ProfessionPioneering NFT Artist and Advocate
Birth 1976

Krista Kim has become a prominent and influential NFT artists in world, leaving a lasting impact with her mesmerizing and innovative digital artworks. As a pioneering NFT artist and advocate, she has been at the forefront of the intersection between art, technology, and spirituality. Her digital creations transcend conventional boundaries, exploring themes of unity, serenity, and the cosmic realm.

One of Krista Kim’s most famous NFT artworks is “Mars is Ours,” which garnered widespread attention and acclaim within the NFT community. Through her art, she aims to evoke positive emotions and create immersive experiences that connect the viewer to a higher state of consciousness.

Beyond her artistic contributions, Krista Kim has been a vocal advocate for the adoption of NFTs and blockchain technology in the art world. Her enthusiasm for the potential of technology to transform the art landscape has inspired fellow artists to explore the limitless possibilities of the digital realm.

Krista Kim’s journey in the NFT world has not only contributed to the evolution of digital art but also challenged the traditional notions of art ownership and value. Her relentless pursuit of blending art and technology has set new standards and sparked conversations about the future of creativity and expression.

As she continues to push the boundaries of digital art, Krista Kim remains a trailblazer, inspiring artists and enthusiasts alike to embrace the transformative power of NFTs, ultimately redefining the relationship between art, technology, and human consciousness.


NFT Artist
Real NameVictor Langlois (known as Fewocious)
Famous NFT Artwork SoldFewocious
Total Revenue$20 Million
Earlier ProfessionVisual Artist
Birth Date2003
CountryUnited States

Fewocious, also known as Victor Langlois, is a young and talented NFT artist from the United States. His emotionally charged and visually captivating artworks have quickly gained recognition in the NFT world, attracting a devoted following of collectors. While specific details about his most famous NFT artwork sold and total revenue remain undisclosed, his success in the NFT space has been notable.

Fewocious’ journey exemplifies the transformative power of blockchain technology, enabling artists like him to directly engage with their audience and monetize their art in innovative ways. With a bold and vibrant art style, he explores various themes, resonating with viewers through his artistic expression.

As an emerging artist with a strong online presence, Fewocious serves as an inspiration to aspiring creatives, showcasing the potential of NFTs in reshaping the art market and the relationship between artists and collectors in the digital age.

5. PAK

NFT Artist
Real NameUndisclosed (known as PAK)
Famous NFT Artwork Sold“The Pixel”
Total Revenue$350 million
Earlier ProfessionDigital Artist

PAK is an enigmatic and influential NFT artist known for captivating and imaginative digital creations. With an undisclosed real identity, PAK’s artistry challenges traditional notions of authorship and has gained significant recognition in the NFT community.

His famous artwork “The Pixel” has been highly appreciated for its symbolic significance and unique design. Despite the mystery surrounding his identity, PAK’s journey showcases the transformative power of NFTs, enabling artists to establish a direct connection with their audience and shape the future of digital art.

His impact on the NFT landscape remains profound and continues to inspire both collectors and fellow artists in the blockchain art realm.

6.Trevor Jones

NFT Artist
Real NameTrevor Jones
Famous NFT Artwork Sold“The Bitcoin Angel”
Total Revenue$24 Million
Earlier ProfessionPainter and Mixed Media Artist
Birth Date
CountryUnited Kingdom

Trevor Jones, a talented NFT artist from the UK, has swiftly risen to prominence in the blockchain art scene with his background in traditional painting and mixed media art. Notably recognized for his famous NFT artwork “The Bitcoin Angel,” Trevor Jones skillfully combines traditional and digital elements to explore themes of finance and technology.

His journey as NFT artist in the NFT world showcases the transformative potential of digital art, bridging the gap between traditional and emerging spaces, and leaving a lasting impact on the future of art and technology.


NFT Artist
Real NameUndisclosed (known as Xcopy)
Famous NFT Artwork Sold“Dreams”
Total Revenue$60 Million
Earlier ProfessionDigital Artist

Xcopy is an enigmatic NFT artist known for his thought-provoking and surreal digital art. With an undisclosed real identity, his work explores themes of identity and technology, captivating the blockchain art community.

His famous NFT artwork “Dreams” has gained widespread acclaim. Embracing the power of blockchain technology, Xcopy’s journey showcases the transformative potential of NFTs in reshaping artistic expression and distribution, inspiring fellow artists and collectors to embrace the ever-evolving world of digital creativity.

8. Grimes

NFT Artist
Real NameClaire Boucher (known as Grimes)
Famous NFT Artwork Sold“WarNymph Collection”
Total Revenue$5.8 Million
Earlier ProfessionMusician and Visual Artist
Birth DateMarch 17, 1988

Grimes, also known as Claire Boucher, is a versatile NFT artist and musician. Her “WarNymph Collection” of NFT artworks showcases her innovative approach to music and visual art. As an influential figure, Grimes has successfully merged her talents to create immersive and surreal NFT experiences, engaging directly with her audience and challenging traditional modes of distribution.

Her presence as NFT artist in the NFT space has sparked conversations about the future of art and technology, inspiring fellow artists to embrace the boundless potential of the digital realm.

9.Micah Johnson

Real NameMicah Johnson
Famous NFT Artwork Sold“Aku”
Total Revenue$9 Million
Earlier ProfessionProfessional Baseball Player
Birth DateDecember 18, 1990
CountryUnited States

Micah Johnson, a former professional baseball player turned NFT artist, has embarked on a remarkable journey in the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) world. Transitioning from sports to the world of art, Micah Johnson has brought his creativity and unique perspective to the digital realm. His NFT artwork “Aku” gained notable recognition and acclaim, showcasing his talent in crafting visually stunning and thought-provoking pieces.

As an athlete-turned-artist, Micah Johnson’s transition reflects the transformative power of NFTs in providing new opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to explore and thrive in the art world. With a focus on inclusivity and community engagement, his journey in the NFT space has not only pushed the boundaries of artistic expression but has also inspired others to pursue their passions and embrace the boundless potential of blockchain technology in reshaping the creative landscape.

10.Josie Bellini

Real NameJosie Bellini
Earlier ProfessionDigital Artist

Josie Bellini is a talented NFT artist and graphic designer known for her enchanting digital artworks exploring fantasy and human emotions. Her visually captivating creations have resonated with collectors, embracing the power of NFTs to democratize art and connect artists directly with their audience. With a focus on community engagement, she has become an influential figure in the NFT world, inspiring others to explore the potential of blockchain-based art.

These are just a few of the top NFT artists who have taken the world by storm. Their NFT creations are worth collecting due to their uniqueness, popularity, and historical significance. But it’s not just these big names that make NFTs valuable – there are thousands of emerging artists who are worth keeping an eye on in the NFT market.

The future of NFT art is still unclear, but it’s safe to say that the market will continue to expand and gain mainstream acceptance. With more artists from different backgrounds joining the scene and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, NFT art will continue to intrigue and inspire both artists and collectors alike.

Why their NFTs are worth collecting?

When it comes to NFT art, collectors are always looking for something unique, valuable, and trendy. The top 10 NFT artists in the world have gained popularity for their exceptional art pieces that encompass various themes, from technology to culture and society.

Beeple, for instance, is famous for his futuristic and dystopian themes that depict societal issues like politics and inequality. Meanwhile, Mad Dog Jones appeals to collectors with his psychedelic art and vibrant colors that attract younger generations.

One thing that these artists have in common is their ability to create art with a unique touch that attracts a wide audience. From Krista Kim’s blockchain-inspired art to Fewocious’s pop-culture references, there’s something for everyone.

The popularity of these artists has also led to an increase in the value of their NFTs. Some of their works have even sold for millions of dollars, making them a worthy investment. Moreover, these NFTs have a significant historical significance in the art world as they represent a new era in digital art.

Collecting NFTs from these artists is not just about owning a valuable piece; it’s also about being part of the art movement that is shaping the future. So, if you’re looking to invest in NFT art, these top 10 NFT artists are worth considering for their exceptional creativity, unique themes, and value.

Future of NFT Art

It is safe to say that NFT art has taken the world by storm. With recent sales reaching millions of dollars, many are starting to take notice of the power of this digital art form. But what does the future hold for NFT art?

Firstly, we can expect to see a continued expansion of the market. As more and more artists jump on board, the demand for these unique pieces is only going to increase. This means that we can expect to see larger sales and a wider variety of art available for purchase.

Additionally, we will see an increasing mainstream acceptance of NFT art. As more high-profile sales occur and big names in the art world start to take notice, more people will become aware of this unique art form. This can only bring more attention to NFT artists and their work.

Finally, we can expect to see emerging artists making a name for themselves in the NFT art world. With the expanding market, there will be more opportunities for new artists to make their mark and produce high-quality NFT art. It’ll be exciting to see what new voices emerge and the unique art they’ll bring to the table.

There’s no doubt that there are risks involved with NFT art, but the potential rewards are too significant to ignore. With the expansion of the market, increasing mainstream acceptance, and exciting new artists emerging, the future of NFT art is looking bright. Who knows what masterpiece might come around the corner next?

Risks Involved

Investing in NFT art comes with its fair share of risks. One of the biggest risks is high volatility in prices. Due to the speculative nature of the market, prices can fluctuate rapidly, leaving investors vulnerable to losses. Additionally, determining the intrinsic value of NFT art can be difficult. While an artwork may sell for millions of dollars, there may not be any underlying value to it. Lastly, NFT art is not without environmental concerns. The energy required to produce and trade NFTs can have a significant carbon footprint. It is important for investors to do their due diligence before investing in NFT art.


To sum up, NFT art is the latest hype in the art world. It’s a digital revolution that has propelled some of the world’s top artists to new heights. My personal opinion is that NFT art is a great investment opportunity, but it’s not without its risks. So, do your research before investing. Thanks for reading!


Who are the top NFT artists in the world?

The top NFT artists in the world are the most influential and renowned creators within the non-fungible token (NFT) space. They have gained widespread recognition for their unique digital artworks sold as NFTs on various blockchain platforms.

How are the top NFT artists selected and ranked?

The selection and ranking of the top NFT artists are based on several factors such as the value and popularity of their NFT artworks, the number of successful sales, their impact on the NFT community, and their overall contribution to the digital art movement.

What makes a top NFT artist different from other NFT creators?

Top NFT artists distinguish themselves through their exceptional creativity, innovation, and ability to captivate collectors and art enthusiasts alike with their digital masterpieces. Their artworks often fetch premium prices and set trends within the NFT market.

Can you provide some examples of the works by the top NFT artists?

Certainly! The works of top NFT artists range from mesmerizing digital paintings, generative art, 3D sculptures, virtual reality experiences, and interactive installations. Their art often explores themes like technology, culture, identity, and the metaverse, pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms.

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