Fueling Crazy Profits with Friendtech: A Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain Social Trading


Friendtech has recently taken over the social fi space, offering users a chance to turn anyone into a tradeable asset. Its growth and potential for profit have piqued interest, with many speculating on how best to leverage its features.

But what is Friendtech? How does it work? Which tools can help us maximize gains? This blog post seeks to answer these questions and more.

As always, remember that none of the information presented here constitutes financial advice.

A Brief Overview of Friendtech

Friendtech is a social fi platform built on layer-two blockchain technology. Its main feature is the ability to buy or sell someone’s ‘keys’ (formerly known as shares), essentially turning people into tradable assets.

Buying an individual’s keys gives you access to their private chat room, a highly sought-after privilege especially if they have valuable information to share. Here are some reasons why people ‘buy into’ someone on Friend Tech:

Access to a private chat room where valuable information is shared

Exclusive raffles funded by commissions from key trades

A chance to participate in the ‘Three Three’ strategy, where two individuals mutually boost each other’s portfolios in hopes of a bigger potential AirDrop

Speculation on a person’s increasing value with hopes of flipping it for profit, much like an NFT or stock investment

But there’s a catch: Friendtech requires a referral code to sign up.


The Founders of Friendtech

Racer Alt and Shrimp Pepe are the two known anonymous founders of Friend Tech. The first, Racer Alt, was previously behind a project called Tweetdao. The other, Shrimp Pepe, launched Project StealthCam along with Racer Alt.

Interestingly, despite its initial hype, Friend Tech had its fair share of doubt and skepticism. This came in the form of concerns over privacy and security, coupled with a poor user experience, which initially seemed eerily similar to Facebook’s short-lived ‘Threads’ hype.

“Friendtech has a lot of potential, but it’s not without its downsides. The lack of a privacy policy is particularly worrying. There are also rumors that your wallet’s private keys are stored in the app, which is not true at all.”

The Staying Power of Friend Tech

Today, Friend Tech sustains a fairly high volume of daily transactions, seeming to suggest it’s here to stay. A key reason for this sheer volume of transactions is the potential for profit on the platform.

Intriguingly, we don’t yet know for sure how Friend Tech determines the price of a key. But the platform’s commission fees and potential AirDrops are significant drivers for use.


A Comprehensive Guide to Friendtech Tools

The tools you use can play a pivotal role in determining your success on Friend Tech. We have curated a list of various tools tailor-made for Friend Tech, falling under categories like analytics, alerts, trading, and sniping.

  • Note: Always perform thorough research before integrating these tools into your Friend Tech strategy.

Information On Accounts, Keys, Pricing Holders

In terms of account, keys, and pricing holders, there are two options: Fronttech Info and Octav. While Fronttech Info provides a list of top accounts, traders, and new joiners, Octav is better in user interface and accuracy of information.

Tools for Alerts

Roboft is a telegram bot that alerts you when individuals with a certain follower count join the platform. An alternative is Compass Art, an NFT trading and analytics tool with excellent automation features, slated to launch their Friend Tech tools soon.


Tools for Trading

Friendmex and hyperliquid offer trading and shorting options. For advanced options like trading and sniping, the yet-to-be-launched Friendbot, with its token and profit-sharing model, seems promising.

Cool Additional Tools

Other tools like Frontech 95 offer unique features like key burning and automate messaging. Perp is another tool that allows you to short individual keys.

Making the Most of Friend Tech

Friend Tech, with its exciting concept, potential profits, and exciting tools, offers a unique opportunity for traders. However, the platform needs a lot of work in terms of usability and speed.

“While Friendtech does offer a ton of potential, it’s important not to lose sight of why you joined the platform in the first place – profits.”

I also caution users on the so-called ‘three three culture’ where individuals pledge to support each other’s portfolios by holding their keys. This practice seems more akin to shelf-shaming and could be a potential trap for unwary traders.

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Happy trading with Friend Tech!

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